Poem:Not Again

I think of you when my eyelids flicker against the sunlight,
A brief flash, a memory of imagined dreams that tease
My soul with a cautious longing for your hand in mine

I think of you when nighttime consumes the sidewalks and
The thin cracks expand into caverns that must be avoided
For the safekeeping of my beating heart.

I think of you when the forks clatter against dishes and
Waiters buss them away, stealing the leftovers of my meal,
Cleaning the mess that I try not to create.

Escape my thoughts,
Runaway from my senses,
For I do not want you to become absorbed by my mind,
To become a part of me as so many others have
In broken-hearts passed


Poem: I love you

I felt the words simmer on my tongue, 
A new guitar just strum, 
As the echo fades away and
I strive to fill the space with 
Something I turn to you and smile.

The days fall fast with you at heart, 
With you with me and not apart, 
The loss of feeling, 
The gain of love,
The belief that something up above
Must harbor a debt to me for
Bringing me such a person. 

I love you.


Poem: Chameleon Eyes

With chameleon eyes that scatter themselves amongst a crowd,
I see you try to hide behind your laughter
In an attempt to make this less than it is, 
The beginning. 

Beginnings imply that an end has come
But the newness caresses our bodies
As shocks of curiosity fly between words
And conversations become entangled between fingers
Hoping to grasp the novelty of discovery, 
The first trace of your skin on mine.

So laugh away the words we both fight not to say, 
That this is a start of an inevitable future, 
That fate has taken hold
That nothing has ever been this perfect
That we want to be each other’s
That we want this to stay as it is, 
Souls colliding in spectacular fashion. 

I’ll chuckle at your jokes
And whisper I love you as 
I tuck your hair behind your ear, 
Masking the truth with a sly
And feel the weight of the sky 
Smile with me
With the knowledge that


Poem: Perception

The beauty of perfection
Lies in your ability to
Change perception
Of that beloved person
From a human
To divine.

The exacerbated kindness
Emitted by your eyes,
Shining lighthouses,
Warning me of what
Lies behind the walls,
But warm porch lights
Beckoning me to
Taste the candy
Behind your door.

“I am only human,”
You whisper so clear,
But my dear,
To me,
You are more.
Your imperfections
Are endearing,
Freckles of
Reality upon the
Illustrious skin
Of your personality.

It’s all about perception.

Poem: When To Say Goodbye

I’ll never love you like I did that day
When you traced patterns of affection 
On my hips, light lines left with your lips, 
When you whispered “I love you”. 

It was the beginning of the end, 
The epitome of a lot of highs, 
And what I would think to 
When I tried to justify the lows, 

The bitter words passed between us, 
And I used that moment as a shield 
To protect myself from the truth, 
A weapon I used to wield, 
Before it grew weak as memories do 
With the passage of time. 

And slowly I began to realize reality, 
That you weren’t right for me
That things had changed, 
That I was deranged for not knowing
When to say goodbye. 

Poem: The Last Touch of a First Love

The silent echo of my words hang in the air, 
An unfinished sentence completed only 
By the tears that will stain my sheets, 
And taint the memory of our nights together. 

I want you back, but I know I have to 
Let go, 
The greatest release that requires
Every ounce of my being to hold myself back
As your hand slips from mine, 
A whispered goodbye in between sad kisses 
Hoping for the past to come resurging, 
For us to last, 
For this good-bye to not be the last. 
For the cast to be removed and reveal, 
Something not broken, 
But mended. 

But I bit back my words and let your hand 
Slide away, the last touch of a first love. 

Poem: A Walk Backwards

I’m clawing  away from a past
That lashes itself to my legs, 
An invisible ball and chain 
Creating pain from its silent burden. 

With each step, it grows, 
Slows my pace until I’m moving
A lack-luster attempt to 
Return to the days when 
I walked free. 

A backwards stroll
Leads to nothing but
The appearance of stupidity, 
Searching for a validity
That can be found nowhere
But within oneself, 
A dusty book upon a 
Forgotten shelf of self-worth. 

And thus, with each step I add 
A pound of memories, 
And keep reversing my pace
A stroll backwards 
Into the sad days
Of the inevitable collapse.