Poem: I miss you

I miss that look in your eyes
That told me that my world was safe,
That the plans for the future
Would remain unchanged.

I miss your hands,
The way they carressed away reality,
An elixir given to stave away
The banality of living.

I miss your lips,
The way their touch would stop
My heart and head and would
Save my mind from thinking,

I miss the way your body
Would surround me when I panicked,
When the world became impossible,
When you would ensure that I was okay
And that the world was safe and worth every day.

I miss you.
Come home.


Poem: Memories

I see life through a filter
Of hazy memories and forgotten smiles,
Sharp pains and lost wiles,

Wherein every memory I have with you
Shapes my current reality,
Giving into the illusion of existence,

For what are our memories but imprints of the past,
Waning ideals that never last
And a soft heart ready to crash under the
Growing weight of nostalgia

Poem:Guardian of my Soul

Your heart rests in mine,
A peace of the storm,
With the world all around me remaining unformed,

I want to hold your existence,
To push my hands through your hair,
To feel the breathe from your lips just to know that I’m there

I need that look in your eyes,
The smile from your soul,
To remind me that with or without you I am whole,

You stained my sheets with your comfort,
That protects from the darkest of dreams,
But eventually, my sheets must be cleaned.

Come back to me once more,
Come lay your head in my lap,
Let me feel as though this absence has just been a nap,

Because you keep me level,
Because you keep me sane,
And because you keep away of all the pain,

You are my guardian through the night,
Guardian through the day,
Guardian of my soul who keeps the world un-grey

Poem: Photographs

The beauty of pictures lies in the ease of memory,
The instant recollection of the connection you made
During one moment, of one hour, of one day, of one life,
The irreplaceable smile and irrevocable wile
With which you played each other’s hearts.

A distinct love of photos plays a melody
In my heart and mind and soul
Of the soulful sound of nostalgia
That transports me to a time
When the crime was falling in love
Rather than having nothing to take pictures of,
An empty life with nothing to remember,

The past year I have spent in an exile
Of my own making and a sorrow that
Has taken nine months of shaking
My shoulders to free myself of the burden
Of memories of the times before.

Stuck in old photos,
I forgot to take new ones,
And I forgot to live.

Poem: Along the Way

Clapping against the beat of my heart
I attempt to offset this growing feeling
Of peeling away from myself,
A change in a new direction,
Right or wrong yet to be determined

Gripping against the demand of time
I’m left alone as all move forward
With the tide that I am left fighting
An anxiety clutching my chest as I
Let go of what I know
And dive into the land of make believe
Where people seem to care
But they’re just there
As props to supplement the passing time
To make you forget what you’ve lost
Along the way>

Poem: coveting the past

Too much time to kill
Too many memories to kick to the curb
As if throwing them away will make them disappear,
Make my heart clear
Of the burden of being alone.

You gave the gift of being loved and loving,
But coveting the past has left me
Wandering an empty street
Without fear of getting hit by a car,
But without a chance of catching a ride and going far
Away from what I remember,
A new land, a new chance,
And new days without the trance
Of hope that you left me in.

So what do I do with these thoughts
That refuse to be dropped?
What do I say when then loneliness
Doesn’t go away?
And I’m left with the memory of your arms around me.
The memory of us.

Poem: Never Before and Never Again

I lose myself in nights.
Those few, painful hours
Between evening and dawn,
When you’re left alone
To wander the empty streets
Of your mind.

Passing each house as you go,
Another memory, another thought,
Of past and future times that
Have never come to be.

Memories are never the same
As what you believe,
Never quench the comfort that
We need,
And only serve to comfort
Our lost minds,
A memory to guide us home
Through the maze of
Nighttime thoughts
That made you lost
In the land of never before
And never again.