A Little Basic Info


I view the world through an upside down lens, begging the question of why are we how we are, why are we here, and will I ever be here again?

I read somewhere that in the seven minutes following death, we relive our entire lives in our mind. So am I still alive, or is this part of the flash of life? Is there any difference?



3 thoughts on “A Little Basic Info

  1. Sarah, you’re a deep person, and I always enjoy reading your posts even though I need to update myself on your more recent ones! I’m sorry about you and your boyfriend’s breakup, and I hope that your time at Georgetown gets better – but with the new year, I’m sure your resilience and creativity will allow you to flourish. The first paragraph of this about me really rings true though; it would take pages and pages to get to the essence of most individuals.

    1. On occasion, I sit down to write a novel. I know that sounds a bit strange, “on occasion”, but I never seem to be able to bring myself to go beyond that first couple of pages, or chapters, because writing a novel is so intricate. I once got 150 pages through one, and even then, it felt incredibly incomplete. I can’t even imagine trying to document a life thoroughly. An infinite amount of pages would be used.

      I, too, love reading your posts, and I’m happy you’ve stumbled upon mine! The breakup, while… well, there are many words to describe it, was ultimately for the best. I think I won’t hold myself back as much at GU now.

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