Poem: I’m alive

I see you walk behind clouded eyes, 
Through sunlight shadows that betray the lies
That you attempt to become in some
desperate longing to belong
To the world of the laughter 
That doesn’t sound off key

I asked you if you were okay, 
A faded question asked each day of 
Those around us
Through gritted teeth and blistered minds
That think nothing of what lies behind
The eyes of others

But even through your reply 
That you were fine 
Your eyes betrayed your 
Scattered mind, 
That all was not alright, 
That in day there still is night
And behind every answer
There is fright 
That you’re alone 
In this fight.

So let me tell you this one last time, 
I have lived in your mind and those who
Wade through the waters 
That suck you under in an attempt
To make you blunder and lose the thunder
That is your life. 

You’re not alone in this world, my dear, 
Let me make that as clear 
As I can that even in the days darker than
Pitch I have been there
And I have left
And I’m alive.

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