Reflection: On Transferring

I spent the past year suspended in purgatory of sorts, an academic hell without escape. I applied to transfer colleges in March with the hope that my mind would be changed and that I would decide to stay. Upon receiving my first acceptance to my second choice transfer school, I’m afraid that I’m leaving. 

When I read the email, a surge of happiness and freedom filled my body. It’s closer to home, in a city with all my best and closest friends, and it’s not my current school. It is a fresh start academically, personally, and perhaps financially. 

I’ve debated the positives and negatives of transferring, and I’m left with the conclusion that though the school may be academically inferior (although not strongly), my personal experience is what matters most. I will not look back on college and remember the classes; I will remember the people, and currently, at my school, I have no one to remember. My best weekend was spent at a different school with a new set of people. I felt free then. 

If I stay, I will spend my year with the same problems I had previously, but with the knowledge that I could’ve changed my situation and left Georgetown. 

As much I’ll miss DC and the food and the weather, I think Boston’s calling me and I think I’m going to answer, depending on financial aid, of course. 


One thought on “Reflection: On Transferring

  1. Boston is a great school, Sarah! Even though Georgetown might have that prestige factor, I agree that you will remember the people and the personal experiences the most – after a year of college, I can attest to that as well. Have you heard back from FA yet? I really do hope that it all works out for the best; seeing your development over the years has been wonderful and I cannot wait to read more about your ventures.

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