Poem: Late Night Musings


When the air dims to the sound of celestial humming
And the streets are scattered with empty footsteps
Know I think of you.

In this city,
The brightness masks the stars
Such that the sky no longer holds
What I see in your eyes
But when I look at you
I see the heavens spread out before me,
When you whisper my name,
I spot galaxies on the horizon and
When you tell me you love me
I believe the big bang is real.

So tell me you love me one more time
And I’ll tell you I believe in God
Because there has never been a feeling known
So sweet as being yours

Let people tell me I’m crazy,
Because I agree
I must be insane to be
In so deep in this leap of faith
That I won’t be replaced
And that this love is real.

Like I believe in the stars above,
In the infinity in their gaze,
I believe in the days to come
With you by my side.


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