Poem: Chameleon Eyes

With chameleon eyes that scatter themselves amongst a crowd,
I see you try to hide behind your laughter
In an attempt to make this less than it is, 
The beginning. 

Beginnings imply that an end has come
But the newness caresses our bodies
As shocks of curiosity fly between words
And conversations become entangled between fingers
Hoping to grasp the novelty of discovery, 
The first trace of your skin on mine.

So laugh away the words we both fight not to say, 
That this is a start of an inevitable future, 
That fate has taken hold
That nothing has ever been this perfect
That we want to be each other’s
That we want this to stay as it is, 
Souls colliding in spectacular fashion. 

I’ll chuckle at your jokes
And whisper I love you as 
I tuck your hair behind your ear, 
Masking the truth with a sly
And feel the weight of the sky 
Smile with me
With the knowledge that



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