Poem: You’ll regret it

You bring me more tears 
Than I care to admit, 
A broken heart in a broken time, 
Lost in the darkness of being alone. 

You were the string that guided me
Out of despair to the days
When I had a reason to drink my coffee
And be pleasant. 

You were the purpose I used to guide 
My thoughts, my actions, 
The reactions egging me on to 
Be a better person. 

And then you were gone. 

Somehow, some way, 
I’ll be okay, don’t you worry about me, 
In that sea of loneliness you got going on, 
A self-motivated destruction of who you were, 
Everything to me. 

Instead of falling apart at the seams, 
Though that would be easier than it seems, 
I’m going to create my own, new dreams, 
And flow in my own streams of motivation

I’m going to be just as strong and pleasant as I was, 
The cruelest revenge of all. 

I’m going to make you regret this. 

2 thoughts on “Poem: You’ll regret it

  1. I really like the idea of revenge being about making yourself a stronger person as opposed to bringing down someone else. And, superbly eloquent, as always.

    1. I find it relatively easy to write poetry out of stronger negative emotions. Though there are many, many upsides to my being finished with that aspect of the entire break up, now I’m left wondering how I’ll write haha.

      It’s almost always better to be constructive as opposed to destructive. He’s fallen far enough; he doesn’t need my help to dig himself a deeper hole.
      Thank you, though!

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