Poem: I Hope You’re Ashamed

Let me run away from you 
Without chasing me. 
Let me stumble on my untied shoes, 
As I weave my way through the 
Trees that are your compliments, 
Your memories, 
That I try to stomp out of existence, 
But only slip on, 
Uncovered moss beneath the leaves 
Of what is. 

I’m running out of breath
As I try to stretch the depth between us
Until you’re hidden in the distance, 
Behind me. 
Yet, with each footstep I find 
Myself walking in circles, 
Returning to you as you 
Call my name in 
Intoxicated wails 
For help. 

You did this.
You chased me away, 
Thinking I’d always return one day. 
But guess what, this time, 
I’m gone. 
I will not stay. 
I will walk away. 
I’m no longer going to play this game. 
I hope… Oh dear God, 
I hope you’re ashamed. 


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