Poem: Teary-Eyed Sadness

A little teary-eyed sadness never hurt anyone, right?
Please, please tell me that
I am unequivocally, undeniably correct, that
The world would be incomplete without this
Spinning hole taking hold right where my
Ribs span together, a protective cage,
That guards more than just my organs.

Please let me know that this indescribable feeling
Fades faster than fire without oxygen.
Please? Please make my fears unfounded.
Please hide the world away.
Please take away this feeling.
Please let me take on another day
With a true happiness, not a mask,
A smile that doesn’t lack
Any sincerity.

A little teary-eyed sadness doesn’t hurt anyone,
She whispered, trying to contrive any possible way
That she could be correct,
That things will get better.
That everything will be okay.


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