Poem: How to Say Good-Bye

How to Say Good-Bye

I’ve never grasped the art of saying it,
The finality of a seven letter string,
Dangling in the air, waiting to be caught
By a mouth filled with other thoughts
Waiting their turn in line.

Should it be sealed with a hug?
A gentle tug on the sleeve,
A wink, a smile, a wave, a tear?
Followed by the inevitable: You leave.

Perhaps it’s not the word,
But the concept of au revoir,
That leaves me unheard,
The seven letters bracing themselves
Against the jump of finality.

They stand side-by-side,
Twisting my tongue into
Other compilations.
Refusing to say it.

Instead, I pull your mouth to mine,
Hoping the letters make the leap
During an impassioned kiss,
Freeing me of the burden
Of my own inability
To let


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