Poem: A Drug

When I look into your eyes I want to read
The definition of love, 
See the indescribable, personified, 
Have you become my drug?

The pill I swallow each night to survive until the next, 
Your arms, the caress of numbing toxins,
Hiding the world behind a dopamine fog, 
A smog that I want to inhale until I breathe 
Not oxygen, but you. 

Many people search for a rainbow after the storm, 
But I look for you in the sky, smiling, waiting for me to 
Conform into your body, absorb the smell of your skin, 
As you let me into your mind, into myself, into sin. 

Babe, your my drug, 
I get the high from your eyes. 
And I can’t break this addiction, 
So don’t lie 
With someone else and
Share the sweetness that you hold
With another beholden,
Don’t leave me in the cold
Biting, sting of recovery. 


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