Poem: Nostalgia

Every moment I walk away from memories,
Involuntarily weaving my way past a time
I fear to leave.

Dragged onwards through the days,
I stomp my feet and pray
That time would stop and that
I could hold on to one moment
For more than one moment,
For more than I was given.

I grew comfortable with a change
Within an evanescent permanence
That I denied would fade,
Just like the way an image drawn in fog
Disappears as if it wasn’t ever made.

Tethered to a world that no longer exists
Through changed perceptions,
Memories that now bring more pain than joy,
More nostalgia for the better days,
More indifference as my current world grays
And the colors fade.

But I must continue to trudge on
Leaving behind more moments,
More people, more caring
Than I expect to find in the future,
Leaving what I know,
What I cherish,
What I love
With no option but to move forth.

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