Poem: You… You were wrong

“Sarah, sweetheart, you’ll have it easier next year” He mumbled, moving his hand to my cheek, gently wiping away a tear. “You’ll have new friends, new experiences, new places to go and new things to do. You won’t forget. You’ll never forget. But you won’t miss me as much as you think you will.” He wiped away another tear.

You were wrong, babe.
In the worst possible way,
For now, who is here to wipe my tears?
To tell me that it’ll be okay?
To tell me that another day,
Is just another day?
Where can I go when this feeling of loneliness
Can’t stop eating at my heart,
Until I feel like drinking away all emotions,
All sanity, all thoughts, all my humanity?

You were my refuge,
Where can I go now?
You were my home,
I’m not there anymore..

Hell, I can’t even write poetry

I miss you, Bri.
More than I can handle…
You were just wrong…
That’s it.


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