Poem: Bad Timing

Isn’t it a shame that the right love 
Always comes at the wrong time
That all that you thought you were above
Drags you down, as if this love is a crime?

It makes me scream into pillows, 
Slam doors in my mind, 
Cry as I bellow 
What was my crime?

I guess I was too naive, 
To believe that I was above it all, 
That the good never comes coupled with bad, 
That opposites don’t attract, 
That love comes without hate, 
Without crying, tears. 
But now I know. 

One thought on “Poem: Bad Timing

  1. All i could say is keep your calm, its good, you are 18. Its sort of a transformation period in life which may last up to three years, i’ve just came through it. good luck.

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