Poem: The Safety of Your Arms

I’ve had this fear of planes
Ever since I saw
The clouds on eye level,
Quaking, aching
Tears as I clutched the seat,
Treating myself to
A false sense of security.

But for you? I’d walk the aisle,
Not without fear,
But with the knowledge
That at the end of hell
Awaits the safety
Of your arms.

2 thoughts on “Poem: The Safety of Your Arms

  1. Sarah, you write beautiful poetry! Have you ever participated in a poetry slam? Also, I like your little graduation widget on the side of your blog – my graduation is 11 days after yours. (:

    1. It’s coming up so quickly! I remember when I was a Freshman and it seemed so far off… but alas.

      I’ve actually never participated, though I’ve briefly considered it. Maybe it’s something new to try in college?

      I’m mainly a “novelist” (in the vaguest sense of the word) as opposed to a poet, but poetry’s a releasing… habit. That turned into this blog, I suppose.
      Thank you for your comment, Thomas!

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