Poem: If Only It Were So Easy

Imagine a gnawing in your gut,
Immovable, permanently eating
At your heart
Your happiness
Your patience for life’s lovers.

It comes from nowhere, no one
And leaves you stranded with
More questions than answers,
But isn’t that how this always works?  

You chew your lip like the nagging
Chips away at your sanity,
Wishing it would cease and desist
As if you could issue court orders for your emotions.

I wish you could. 

The tears fall from something within,
Like an unconfessed sin,
Until the nibbling turns consuming
And this foreign entity
Has stolen your identity.

You are now it. 

I wish “How to Escape Depression For Dummies”
Lined every shelf.
Before you destroy yourself
And everyone around you. 

I plea you don’t understand this,
This confession of sorts,
That contorts reality to my view,
Because for me,
Something’s amiss

And I don’t know what. 

And I don’t know why. 

I just know I don’t want to cry

If only it were so easy. 

3 thoughts on “Poem: If Only It Were So Easy

    1. Yea, I’m a huge fan of the picture, myself.

      I wasn’t intending for the poem to be about depression… until I wrote half of it and realized that that was exactly what it was. Funny how things work…

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