Poem: An Overdue Warning

Let me take the time to warn you

About relationships and their
Undue commitment,
The heart-wrenching reliance
On the other person to stay
Of their own accord.

Any second of every day it could end. 

Without warning. Without the warning
I’m giving you now that things
Can always fail,
People can always back out,
You can always end up alone.

But let’s not be too pessimistic.

Sometimes people will live up to your trust

But that’s scarier.

Because then you’re the one who can
Destroy the hope of the future,
A path designed specifically for you,
Because then it’ll be your fault.
Because then you can’t escape the guilt
That grows with every tear. 

It’s a rare relationship that lasts.
But I guess we all play this game of
Heartbreak to find that special one
That you’ll do anything for,
That will do anything for you,
That will stay

So, good luck, I guess,
On that path they forget to warn you about.
I certainly didn’t get the heads up.
But alas, I might be a lucky one.

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