Poem: Burn Me With Candles

You lit candles
Sparked with the best intentions,
Sprinkled them romantically
Wrapped with care,
Conforming to conventions.

The scent of attraction
Engulfs the air,
Drawing me near,
And yet in my own clumsy nature,
My foot caught,
I fell,
The candle tumbled,
And fire fought
To grip the ground,
Engulf the room that once stood
So filled with beauty,

How will we drench the fire
That threatens us?
With tears or with convention?
With the truth or with lies?
Will you save me?
Or will you run out,
To keep your skin from scarring,
A permanent mark I caused,
Changing you

Can scorch you
Or create the allure of
A romantic evening.
It’s just luck.
One or the other.
Burned or


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