A Little Taste of Liberal

I’ve spent the past four years of high school receiving emails from the conservative club on campus because when I was 14 years old, I, without actually understanding the principles of right-wing thinking, believed that I was a republican.

Four years later, I’m afraid that I may have been slightly mistaken.

I’ve always known that I was socially liberal, but for some reason or another, I maintained that “stick-it-to-’em” attitude when regarding criminals.

Yet, last night, I came to the realization that my mindset has changed.

Driving home from Washington DC, listening to 1010 winds, I silenced my mom, turned up the radio when I heard that the law enforcement is calling to declare Dzhokhar Tsarnaev an enemy combatant, meaning this med-student-turned-terrorist could be held and questioned  without a lawyer, completely off the grid.

My first reaction was “Well, he got what he deserved.” My second, “Well, do I actually know that? Do I know the backstory? The reasons for his actions? What if his brother was the ring-leader as is suspected? Does it matter?”

It should matter to me, and to all of you. The government should not have the rights to withhold one’s Miranda rights under any circumstance. No exceptions. Nada.

Perhaps it’s the conspiracy theorist in my screaming “1984 IS COMING TO LIFE!” or perhaps it’s the believer in the constitution. Regardless, we do not know the back story. We do not know what involvement this kid had. We frankly don’t know, and I highly doubt the law enforcement officials know much more.

I’m tired of seeing Arabs categorized with “terrorist”

I’m tired of the media automatically assuming Al Qaeda connections.

I’m tired of rights being mindlessly waived for whatever reason. 

So call me liberal, it’s not an insult.
Call me unpatriotic, and explain to me how.
That would be a little taste of liberal for the day.


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