Poem: Do It for Us

You lock yourself away from reality, 
Into a little apathetic world of attempting
Not to care so as to not stare
Depression, loneliness in the face. 

You hide behind a line between
A stream of tears and a mindless
Destruction of mind. 

You cut me out, 
A fraying piece of fabric
In an attempt to save the rest of yourself, 
But don’t you realize that you’ll 
trim yourself away until
There’s nothing but withered ends?

Don’t leave me here alone in an estranged city, 
Lost with memories and no hope. 

Don’t leave me alone without a little bit of 
Something to hold on to, to help me cope. 

I just need you as much as you need 
To escape yourself. 
Just when you leave, 
Try not to leave me too. 
Try to hold yourself together. 
Try to bare this awful weather
Of whether or not we’ll survive
We. Plural. Us. Ensemble. 

Do it for me? 
Do it for us.

One thought on “Poem: Do It for Us

  1. Life is this and that, all at once.
    What’s this?
    This pain,
    this suffering and
    this rejection.
    It’s this but it’s also that.
    What’s that?
    That blue sky with
    that bird soaring and
    that light glittering off of waves.
    Life is this and that, all at once.

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