Poem: Jaded Eyes

Jaded eyes with worn out smiles,
The perfect compilation
To win the wiles of scornful teenage girls
Who never care to look deeper than the surface.

Hollow sins that mean our ends,
That prance with the idea of
Winning a girl
Who is not a prize,
Baptized into society.

What to make of this facade of ignorance?
Who to ask for a splinter of reality,
For a revival of fallen values
That if returned, return changed,
Inherently different from those that came before.

Then again, what values?
Those of a forgetful four year old who frolics
From dusk until dawn,
Yapping, napping, clapping, sapping
The life out of her parents?
Those values?
What values?

We ask for the past,
But do we really want it?
Do we really want the misogynistic society
That condemns blacks to second-class,
gays to hell and the mentally-ill
To rot alone?

The past can rot alone in its second-class hell.

We want truthfulness in society,
To whisper “Please don’t lie to me”
With those jaded eyes and tired smiles.

We want a depth to a soul
That sometime past reality stole.

We want change,
We want values,
But what values?

We want hope in the future,
That it exists rather than
Bowing down to myths
Created years before.

Honestly, all we want is change.
Is that so hard?

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