Poem: Life Addiction

“My name is _____ and I am a life addict”
I run through each morning imbibing the words,
The smells, the thoughts, the actions, the tastes,
The everythings, without stopping.

I hurry through my schedule,
A shark swimming, unable to stop.

I love the blur of life flashing before me,
But I can’t seem to slow to see the details,
The small spider I smashed sloshing through the rain
To get to my next appointment,
Or the sorry smiles stabbing at me from lonely friends
Who just want to see me.

I’m addicted to life, but what kind of life is this?
I’m like a freshmen in college, gorging on alcohol
Most comparable to piss, calling it a good drink.

I’m lonely by my own cause,
Having driven away my friends,
Through the never-ending cycle
Of life addiction.

“My name is _________ and I am a life addict
And I have come for help.”

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