Poem: We Didn’t Notice

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be
To fall like a raindrop onto someone, 
Splashing them briefly, and then trickling
To the ground, awaiting a fate of stomping
Shoes filled with sorry souls?

How you ever wondered how a leaf feels
To be abandoned, cut off from life support, 
Forced to glide alone to the dirt, 
Awaiting the end? 

Have you ever asked this rain, these leaves
Their feelings, because
They walk around you each day, 
Slowly decaying, 
Without notice, 
Whispering to themselves
“I will make it another day.”
“I will try and be okay.”
“I will make it another damn day.” 
“Goddamn it, can’t you just make me okay?”
But no one takes heed of the lost and the lonely,
For who remains to save the ones who have none? 

So they trickle to the ground, evaporating before our
Averted eyes so afraid of the truth, 
That we caused their demise
Because we didn’t notice. 
We didn’t notice. 


2 thoughts on “Poem: We Didn’t Notice

  1. I think it is funny how modern english poetry can harness imagery from technology, ‘life support.’
    Wonderful poem, your verse reminds me of my own writing. The ideas of isolation and ignorance, but depression does that.
    Glad you found my press, I’ll be looking at yours

    1. I’ll admit that I usually just scroll through the poetry tag without reading too many of the pieces, but yours drew me right in. Thank you for the follow!

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