Poem: Just Please Don’t Leave

I have to prove you wrong in all you say, 
Those travesties of insults hanging in the air, 
Innocently sifting through my thoughts until
One attacks, clamps, stings, stays. 

I know how I am, who I am, what I am, 
But that doesn’t require a funeral march, 
For a finger-prick-sized hole in the damn. 

I just thought that you knew. My mistake 
To take your love for granted, as unbridled, unquestioning, 
When in reality, it’s anything but.  

Just let me know when to wear black, 
To mourn the loss of my past, 
To cry, and bawl because I thought this would last, 
But I guess that’s just teenage naivety for you. 

At least you’re here now, 
A small consolation prize for my shaky future, 
Just don’t leave. 
Just don’t leave. 
Just… Please don’t leave. 
I need you.


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