Poem: Secret Bearer

For years I’ve tread on steady water, 
No weights to hold me down, 
But slowly secrets piled up, 
Asking me to drown
Among the ideas and hopes and thoughts
And prayers that things will one day fix
Themselves without my help, 
Without my heavy heart dragging me down
To the bottom of the lake, 
For when I hit the soggy ground, 
I will no longer bear the secrets 
That pulled me, kicking upwards, 
And pinned me, screaming for air, 
Because I will not be able to. 

5 thoughts on “Poem: Secret Bearer

      1. Certainly… for most people, I would agree with you, but there’s one person whose secrets constantly bury me, ut I suppose I’m just too emotionally invested. Or well, maybe not “too” invested. Just enough for the secrets to hurt.

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