Pardon My French

ImageOnce upon a time there lived a girl just like any other, an embodiment of the aloof teenage female unwilling to commit to relationships and unwilling to sacrifice her opinion for the sake of another person. There also lived, on this small island, a giant, in love with the girl, and a bystander, bitter to the core. Of course, other mythical representations resided on the island, but they are relatively unimportant to the storyline.

When regarding the girl and the giant, their history appears messy at best. The giant has no legitimate reason to still like the girl, or even talk to her, for to be honest, she often acted a bitch toward him, unreasonable, flirty, but forever aloof. The most recent confrontation of the girl and the giant occurred a week ago, when the girl made a sexual joke, and the giant responded by screaming “WHORE, SHE’S A WHORE.” Now, in any society, this is not acceptable behavior. And, it especially becomes regarded as unacceptable when the girl herself has a steady boyfriend of three months, and has not done anything with anyone on the island at any point in her time there, besides, of course, her boyfriend, the knight.

Now, the bystander, formerly sweet, was thought to be a mutual friend of these two feuding friend/enemies, but he seemed to have sided with the giant without warning when he knowingly invited the giant, the girl’s boyfriend (his best friend) and all of his other friends to a party in order to celebrate his birthday. The girl herself was not invited. Why?

When considering this short, poorly written story, it remains unclear even to those of us who have lived the series of events. While the bystander does have a girlfriend, and the girl and the knight often teased him about their lack of first-base action after five months, the knight was still invited, which leaves one to believe that the giant is the true reason.

It seems the bystander has lost himself a friend.

I don’t understand people and their actions. People are illogical, irrational, unresponsive, unreliable and yet we all manage to get along just fine until one idiot makes a stupid move and invites the boyfriend of the one girl he’s not inviting. Why does he think that’s okay? In what right mind does he have to be in to think that this is at all an acceptable situation? Why doesn’t he get it? He doesn’t deserve my friendship, honestly. If at this point, this is what it’s come to, he can just get the hell out of my life.

Although I say that now, we’ll probably still be friends in another month.

Il est un putain d’idiot. Pardon my french.

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