Off Days

I’ve yet to nail down what this blog is actually meant to be about- myself, life in general, random incisive thoughts that I think are unique but that have been thought before, books, school… it’ll probably be versatile, to be honest. Or maybe an outlet to rant about how idiotic my peers act, even though I know they’re brilliant in their own ways. It might just end up centering around me, and while I suppose that could be considered self-absorbed, I don’t particularly care.

Anyway, the intension of this post was originally to rant about how I’ve had an off day. You know those days, where absolutely nothing can drag you out of that endless bog of shit that is work and sometimes life. My boyfriend laid with me in bed for around twenty minutes, holding me, trying to make me feel better because he just knew something was off, but it didn’t work. I wish that it had. At this point, I’m writing almost as a tool for procrastination, avoiding the essay that will be due in approximately 20 hours. But, what can I say? I’m a perfectionist, and a procrastinator; it’s a horrible combination. Does anybody suffer from this horrible disease? (Is it considered insulting to call that a horrible disease? Probably. My apologies, but I won’t redact it)

In any case, perhaps I should carry on with my life and write the damned essay. Perhaps not. If any of y’all have feedback on what you’d like to see this blog become, let me know via comments. You know the drill. Adieu.


2 thoughts on “Off Days

  1. While not everyone is a perfectionist, I think we’re all procrastinators to some extent. I hope that this blog allows you to release your anxiety/worries in a healthy way, and I look forward to reading more of your writing.

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