So it’s been a year… or two.

And I’ve grown up just a bit. But I suppose that’s inevitable, isn’t it? I’m no longer that annoying sophomore you guys started following, and I suppose that, in many ways, is a great thing.
I went through a rough patch last year, junior year, for almost the entire year. I’m sure I’ll get into that at one point or another, but for now, I’m just here. I’m just me. A senior in high school dating Brian, that annoying kid who pissed me off and betrayed me so badly two years ago that I thought I’d never forgive him. But I did. Forgiveness runs deep in my blood, and I suppose that’s for the better.

And now the biggest question that enters my mind isn’t what to do with my life, or even where to go, but what to do with Brian when I leave? The closer graduation becomes, the more those break-up songs seem pertinent and painful.

I was listening to the Scientist by Coldplay this morning… “no one said it was easy… but no one ever said it’d be this hard.” That’ll be me in approximately nine months. Bare with me.

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