Secret: A Silent Cynic

I’m a closet cynic. The world has its flaws, and so many people seem to be able to look past that, but I see no way out of the lonely abyss of eternal disaster. I suppose this is the whole ‘glass half full’ analogy that the world loves to use, but I think it relates more to the fact that for one to recognize good, evil must exist somewhere in the mix. In order for someone to be lucky, the unlucky must also stumble through life, breaking mirrors and such. Without the other, that idea wouldn’t exist- and regardless of if it existed or not, it wouldn’t be recognized.

Because of those thoughts right there, I find it hard to see the world with a positive outlook. Sure, I manage to pull off a great facade for my friends who need support- who would want someone who tells them they have no hope?-but underneath, I just can’t help but think the worst. That man, over there, that one who’s walking is dog- what if he wants to kidnap me? Why is that person following me? What could be around that corner in the dark? Okay, now it’s starting to sound like I’m paranoid, but seriously, that’s what goes on in my head. As my generation ages and the world begins to be handed over to us, we must look introspectively at what is needed most, at our biggest problems, at our biggest fears and conquer them.
Each individual problem requires a different solution. The world has millions of problems, so where the hell are we supposed to get all the solutions? I really don’t know. Hopefully the intuitive minds of my peers can solve the problem, because quite honestly my head is currently shot (1 am night last night because of work).
I’m not in the best of moods today, and maybe that explains the depressing topic. Maybe it’s just the truth, and when you become depressed your mind is opened to other possibilities, other options, which were once ignored for the sake of humility, happiness and contentment. Maybe I just need to sleep

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