Don’t Do It For Yourself.

Don’t do it for yourself, Rachel, do it because you think you could truly fall for him, because you already have fallen for him, but never, ever, say yes if you’re doing it just because you want a boyfriend.

My friend Rachel was asked out by this guy, CJ, last night, and she told him she’d talk to him today. She’s contemplating between whether or not to say yes, because the situation’s slightly complicated. CJ was head over heals for her friend, Sara, for a very long time, and quite quickly has moved from Sara to Rachel. Rachel doesn’t want to be the ‘rebound girl’ after Sara told CJ she wouldn’t ever like him.

I’m just afraid for CJ. He’s one of the kindest people you know, hilarious, cute, trivarsity, incredibly smart (all adv. classes), and he when he cares about you, he truly cares. I don’t want him to get hurt by Rachel’s lust for a relationship, for something she’s coveted but hasn’t been able to achieve. Not only that, but Rachel likes another guy, and has liked him for quite a while.

I was talking this over with Jess, my best friend, and we both came to the conclusion that we could never see them together. Rachel is very controlling and paranoid, very academic, and very stressed out. CJ is very extroverted, always talking to people, very high energy. I feel like the two of them together would create a dynamic of just absolute craziness that I can’t even imagine.

It was funny, Jess said that she could see me with CJ, and I had liked him back in the beginning of the school year. It’s just something that would never happen, and I’ll admit that.

People have leagues, have boundaries that lie unspoken. I just don’t know mine.

Anywho, I just don’t want Rachel to do this for herself, for the means of having a relationship, because not only is that unfair to CJ, it’s unfair to herself. CJ isn’t a guy that you turn around and dump a week later. He’s in it to win it, all or nothing, the type of guy you would kill to date. I just hope she doesn’t break his heart.

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