Secret: Life’s an Open Chasm

Why has the world crashed down around me? That’s a question I ask myself multiple times, every day. The childish hope of a fairy tale love is simply that- a fairy tale- unreal, unattainable, unbearable to even consider. I wish the dreams that once kept me alive, once kept a smile on my face, would remain and stay mine for eternity. I wish that I never had to grow up and realize the innocence I once possessed had slipped away with the naivety and ignorance I unknowingly cherished. I wish people would simply remain friends with each other, and not gossip, not judge, not hate for miniscule, unknown and forgotten reasons. But wishing gets us nowhere, does it?

            I stare into the mirror at the brunette hair which fell on my chest effortlessly straight. The face I gaze at isn’t mine, and yet it looks like me, with the splattering of freckles over my cheeks and nose, and stormy eyes returning the look. I’m looking at myself, but I don’t recognize the sadness brewing quietly beneath the surface of an unbreakable mask that has suddenly shattered. The world can see how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking, if they only care to look, if they only care to actually care. Sometimes the world surprises you with its compassion, and then other times your expectations of indifference are fulfilled. It’s normally the latter.

            Life truly remains gracefully balanced on the edge of a ravine, an endless ravine with no bottom in sight. It doesn’t take a large push to fall, spinning and tumbling into the open chasm, in fact it’s cruelly simple. With one moment, one minute of unplanned circumstances, your life has drastically changed little announced to the ones you once thought cared.


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