Secrets: Sometimes I Go On Omegle and…

Sometimes I go on omegle to do a majority of different things depending on my mood.

Sometimes my friends aren’t there for me when I want need them to be,

Sometimes I want to be that person who helps a stranger,

Sometimes I’m that stranger who needs help.

Othertimes, I just do it to have fun, and make up stories. After one of my best conversations on omegle, I copied into a word document and saved it for enjoyment in the future. I’m the one listed as ”you”

Stranger: have you ever killed someone?
You: maybee(;/
You: have you?
You: it was a mosh pit
Stranger: how did you achived maybe?
You: i dunno what happened
You: i was sooo stoned
You: hit this kid in the head and they passed out
You: idk if they ever woke up
Stranger: ?
You: woops
Stranger: and did you left like nothing happend?
You: well at first i wanted to help
You: but then i was like, wait what if i did something
You: and then went awayyyy into the crowd
You: again, woops.
Stranger: it was in a club?
You: nah, it was in the basement of this guys house… i dunno whose it was
You: there was a party, and i was like, cool, ima go
You: it was a bad decision
Stranger: did you killed the owner and left just?
Stranger: ohmygod
You: no man. whats with you?
Stranger: you must be fuking antichrist
You: get your story straight
You: nah
You: i’m a conservative, all with bush and shit
Stranger: killingrandom ppl on their birthday party around the city does not seem to be conservetive to me
You: who the hell says it was their birthday?
You: have’t you heard? conservatives are pro gun
You: thats pro death man
You: or well… that’s how i take it
You: its kinda like pro choice. but llike with guns
Stranger: i dunno, im not from us you know
You: oh seriously?
You: where you at?
Stranger: in europe
You: amsterdam?
You: i go there all the time
You: they got the good stuff
You: i like u europeans
You: no passports.
You: i can smuggle shit
Stranger: 😀
Stranger: nice
Stranger: i would go one day too
You: you should man, you should
You: have you ever hit up octoberfest?
You: i wanna go
You: but i’m to young, not legal
Stranger: no
Stranger: how old are you?
You: 15
You: oh shit
Stranger: i see
You: meant 14
Stranger: thats too young for that
You: bullshit
Stranger: and are you smoking some good amsterdam stuff?
You: my mama had me when she waws 14 and see how i turned out?
You: not currently, i’m pretty sober.
You: i think
Stranger: are you troll?
You: a what?
Stranger: are you trolling me?
You: i have normal hair dude
You: i don’t appreciate the insult
You: im not a troll goddamnit
You: this is my lifestory dude
You: i’m sorry if you don’t appreciate it
Stranger: so you obviously are one
You: …a what?
Stranger: one of those
You: yes i’m gay
You: no need to point it out
Stranger: are you trying to compete in finding irrelevant things and say that game with me?
You: yes
You: i can win millions in the lottery
Stranger: you can spend thousnads on the lottery…
You: and on hookers
Stranger: i prefer salads to hookers
You: im not a vegetarian i like MEAT
You: 😉
Stranger: ok, its’ borring
You: well damn u are too
Stranger: we should go
Stranger: i see
You: we shud go out 😉
You: wanna hook up?
Stranger: that is what it was all about
You: no
Stranger: wanna hook up
You: tis all about getting the hme run
You: get with the program
Stranger: hme?
You: home
You: jeez man can’t you read
Stranger: nooo
Stranger: its all about a 30 minutes, i can say that
You: damn and i thought your european schools were supposed to be the shit
You: thirty minutes of cardio? you get shit with that. that’s no way to loose weight
Stranger: what?!
You: it’s all about stamina
Stranger: what the fuck are we tlking about, if you may excuse me to ask?
You: loosing weight
You: dugh
You: duh*
Stranger: okay, trolly-trolly
You: that’s not a song
Stranger: i gotta go
You: it’s lolli lolli pop that body
You: aw man
You: seriously?
You: all that time and you leave me?
You: you have commitment issuessss
Stranger: not yet
Stranger: thanks god
Stranger: byes
You: why all the s’s?

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