The Roommate Situation

So my roomie likes a guy. Typical? I think so.

And this guy likes her back. Typical? Not so much.

My roomie’s a person who comes off as annoying to many people, but in all honesty I’d trust her with my life. At this current moment she has fallen for a senior (we’re both sophomores) and there’s 9 weeks left in the school year, so not much time to get things going. She’s a rather inexperienced person in the dating realm, never before been kissed or had a boyfriend and then there’s me who’s had 3 steady relationships in the past two years and has a couple guys courting me at the moment- so she comes to me for advice.

I know the indepth account of her relationship with this guy she’s ever so fond of. She reads me conversations and asks me to interpret them, asks me for help, relays every single detail of what happens etc.etc. She’s crazy without notion of what to do.

At this very moment, the guy she likes has known that Roomie likes him for about a week and a half, and is yet to do anything. Roomie, this morning much unanounced to me, messaged him telling him that she was fine with just being friends, without including that she meant this temporarily until he could make up his mind to ask her- or not ask her- out.

Now she’s coming to me with this and I don’t know what to say to her, how to help, because she doesn’t want to sound to pushy.

Any advice?


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