Oh Hey World…

So here I am again. On another blog. Typing about the same thing, with the same painfully incorrect grammatical skills which are yet to be fixed. Maybe this time the posts will be updated at a normal frequency of at least once a week instead of abandoned with the thought of the world knowing the embarrassing things which occur in my daily life. But then again, that is the point of a blog, is it not?

I suppose that this deserves an introduction of some sort, a welcoming into my world if you will. I’m 15, very nearly 16 (okay, two months away) and I go to boarding school. Will you get my real name? probably not. What school I go to? probably not. While I was growing up my mom taught me not to talk to strangers and alas that has somewhat stuck in my mind, although one could argue that typing this right now is the equivalent of talking to millions of strangers, if ever I were so lucky as to have that many followers (which I highly doubt will happen). And now you are here, reading this painfully empty blog thinking why am I wasting my time? To be honest, I’m typing this thinking “why am I wasting my time?” & “Why do I even bother to think anyone would care?” Maybe it’s just because we all have that private thought that we’re important, that we matter, that someone, somewhere, cares to hear our story.

In any case, I’m the person who tells a couple of people everything in my life, and everyone else absolutely nothing. Yet, even those people who think that they know everything, only know bits and pieces of my world. I scatter drops of information between people; possibly the lack of disclosure is because of the fear of betrayal, or maybe it’s just that I’m completely untrusting of everyone. There’s very few people in this world whom I can say know a majority of my life, and those few best friends I’m unbelievably thankful for.

But either way, here I am, writing my thoughts for the world; a public diary but one which no one in my life shall know about; one that will remain secret until it no longer matters, until the world stops turning on 2012. But actually, I’m not a true believer in that. I’m just messing around.

I hope you enjoy my life story more than I do; I’ll admit, I have my quirks, but you get used to them.

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